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What should I do to rent a car?

You can make your car reservation through our call center on www.mayrent.com, 444 99 64 or through our offices.

How can I make a rent payment?

We can not accept payments other than Visa / Mastercard / credit cards. We can not make reservations with cash, deed, debit card or virtual card from any sales channel

I do not have a credit card, Limit is insufficient Yada Can I rent with my friend's credit card?

No. You must match the driver information and the payment card information for car hire services made through our reservation channels through our security policies. You can not rent a car with someone else's credit card.

Can I leave the vehicle I rented from where I took delivery?

Of course, you can redeem your rented middle class car by taking advantage of the one way fare to the Mayrent office in a different city. You can get detailed information about individual direction fees from our call center at 444 99 64.

What documents should I obtain if my car is stolen in case of accident? What should I do?

In case of any unilateral damage, you must notify your traffic police or traffic gendarme teams without moving your vehicle from the accident site in order for your insurance to be valid. You need to get an accident report and an alcohol report.

In the case of traffic accidents involving more than one vehicle resulting only in material damage, the "accidentally damaged property identification report" may be issued if the accidents are understood by the way the accident occurred. It is absolutely necessary to take photographs from different angles so that the plates can be seen before the vehicles are moved. Both reports must be wet signed and photocopies of the documents of vehicles against the vehicle must be taken. (License, Traffic Insurance, Copy of driver's license)

All injured accidents must be reported to traffic teams and driver alcohol report must be taken.

If the vehicle is stolen, a police report should be obtained and a theft detection report should be obtained and immediately informed. Along with the report, the vehicle's key should be handed over to us.

Can I go abroad with my rented car?

The fuses of our vehicles are not valid abroad. Due to this reason, it is strictly forbidden to take our vehicles abroad.
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